This is what advocacy looks like.  I’ve spent the last few days away from patients and family to do this hard, but inspiring work.

Those of you who know me know I never wear my white coat so this must be serious. Plus, check out the shoes! Walking from house offices to senate offices and back requires comfort.

We asked our national representatives and senators for:
1) Support of HR1117 and its senate counterpart to promote inclusion of pregnant and lactating women in research trials
2) Permanent fix for Medicare reimbursement increases for docs to match or exceed inflation increases so we can keep our practices open and keep caring for our patients
3) In Dem offices only we encouraged continued conversation around abortion access even if nothing productive can happen in this session; we must continue to say the “a word” loudly and proudly until all of our rights for safe and effective abortion are restored.
Threats to our physical safety and threats to boycott ACOG’s long-term national goals were made by republicans if we uttered the word “abortion” in their offices. In order to protect us personally and our work to improve care for our patients we abided by their “rules”, but boy are we angry.
Please vote in every election to change the narrative on abortion care nationally and to remove bullies from the halls of congress!