As we close out Pride Month 2023 the docs and staff of Kessler Women’s Healthcare want to acknowledge the struggles of our LGBTQ+ communities, especially in the state of Texas where laws are being enacted to restrict the medical care that trans youth are able to receive, the books that are available in our schools, and the sports teams on which they can participate.   ACOG (our governing body in OB/Gyn) affirms that it is critical of our healthcare systems to be inclusive of all patients “Without Exception” which was the Human Rights Campaign’s theme for this year’s pride month.  We at KWH believe in this philosophy whole-heartedly.  While none of our providers specialize in surgical transition care we do provide hysterectomy care for trans-men choosing that option.  We also provide routine care for trans-men who choose not to surgically transition and still require cervical/breast cancer screening as well as care for many gynecological problems that can occur.  We have changed our intake paperwork to be more inclusive and we have done trainings with our staff on pronoun usage/inclusive care for all of our patients.  Our goal is to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for everyone who gives us the honor of caring for them.  Pride Month is a time to spotlight achievements and struggles, but at KWH we are proud allies all year round!